Call for Papers

The topics of interest include, but not limits to:

  • Requirement Engineering for startup companies
  • Customer development and validation in startup contexts
  • Requirement engineering and pivots
  • Lean requirement processes with Minimum Viable Product
  • RE modeling techniques, methods for emerging technologies
  • IoT/ AI software quality specification
  • RE method variability
  • Requirement Engineering Maturity Framework for IoT/ AI
  • Change impact analysis for emerging technologies
  • AI ethics, trustworthiness, explainability, fairness and biasness
  • AI/ML software quality models
  • IoT/AI model traceability
  • Change impact analysis for emerging technologies
  • AI software requirements validation
  • Empirical challenges and best practices in dealing with requirements for emerging technologies
  • RE and AIOps/MLOps
  • AI/IoT and International quality standards

Call for papers (PDF)

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