1st Workshop on Requirement Engineering for Software startups and Emerging Technologies (RESET)

IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference 2021

The RESET is part of RE2021 (IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference 2021). RESET will be full day workshop to be held on 20th September, 2021.

Software startups, defined as recently established companies developing and software-intensive products/ services and aiming at scalable business models, has gained popularity as a particular context where software engineering activities, processes, and practices should be revisited, adjusted, and validated. Recently, there are a significant number of software startups exploring opportunities with emerging technologies. Emerging technologies including AI (artificial intelligence), 5G, IoT (Internet of Things), serverless computing, biometrics, AR (augmented reality)/VR (virtual reality), blockchain, robotics, NLP (natural language processing), and quantum computing, whose development, practical applications, or both are still largely unrealized.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together requirements engineering researchers and practitioners to discuss the need for adapting conventional requirement engineering artifacts (i.e. requirement definition, metrics), processes and practices to software projects in startup context and/or dealing with emerging technologies.

One key outcome of the workshop will be a discussion on the needs of new RE techniques, methods, processes, and tools for software startups and emerging technologies and a research roadmap for the domain/ sub-domains. RESET invites original articles exploring new directions, presenting mature research, and discussing early results.

RESET invite following types of articles:

  • Full research papers: They are expected to describe new conceptual and empirical results and make contributions to the body knowledge in the area. They should not exceed 6 pages.
  • Short research papers: They are expected to promote novel ideas and initial research results or to present a contradictory argument to the field. This category includes opinion papers, in-progress papers, and industry reports. They should not exceed 3 pages.

Important Update Extended version of selected papers of excellent quality will be invited for special issue of e-Informatica Software Engineering Journal (EISEJ). The journal is indexed by Web of Science ESCIScopusDBLP . There will be NO article processing charges for the submission of extended versions of invited papers for Journal special issue edited by workshop organising committee.

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